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Optimising cash flow.

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Optimising cash flow.

Take control of your cash flow today. Join our free ‘Optimising cash flow’ webinar where we’ll help you to better understand the impacts of seasonality and growth on your cash flow; and how to measure and manage those impacts for optimal cash flow.

7 steps to business success.

From managing cash flow, business planning through to managing growth and more, this webinar has the information you need. View our free webinar to discover the 7 steps you can take to business success.

Measuring financial performance.

Following on from the “Understanding Financial Statements” webinar, “Measuring Financial Performance” takes the next step toward better understanding the numbers in your business. Being able to accurately measure past financial performance helps to identify actions to take to improve future business performance.

Accelerating business performance.

Following on from “Understanding financial statements” and ‘Measuring business performance”, “Accelerating business performance” takes the next step of identifying the real causes of business under-performance and outlines actions that could help to improve business performance.

Optimising business planning.

Discover how to optimise your opportunity for business success with our free "Optimising business planning" webinar and start making the most of your business plan today.

Optimising cash flow.

Take control of your cash flow today. View our free Optimising Cash Flow webinar and learn how to better understand the Working Capital Cycle, create a cash flow budget, and more.

Using breakeven analysis.

Discover how you can use breakeven analysis to make important financial decisions in your business by viewing our free "Using breakeven analysis" webinar.

Experts Angle: Working in the gig-economy: benefits and traps.

If you are considering being your own boss and working in the gig-economy, also known as platform enabled work, then insights from Professor Emmanuel Josserand and Associate Professor Sarah Kaine from University of Technology Sydney (UTS) Business School may be useful. Join us as they explore the opportunities and risks associated with this new way of working in this recorded webinar.

Experts Angle: "Harness the Power of Purposeful Communication"

Communication helps you to maximise your impact and realise your potential. Catherine Hollyman of Behind the Scenes Communications will be sharing her framework for communication and answering your questions in this 45-minute webinar.

Experts angle: The logic and emotion of sustainable development goals.

In developing any business plan it is important to include sustainable development goals. Ronan Mac Domhnaill founder of Cred Solutions will talk about the logic and emotion behind the United Nations sustainable development goals and why you should include them in your business planning.

Expert's Angle: Take control of energy costs.

Many businesses would like to reduce the impact of energy costs on their bottom line, but are not sure where to start. The team at Verdia has decades of experience in helping businesses worldwide to design and deliver renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. During this 30 to 45 minute webinar, Verdia's CEO, Paul Peters, explains how to identify energy saving opportunities, from reducing energy usage to generating your own energy on site.