Experts Angle - Making the most of digital? 10 ways to grow your business online.

Duration: 40.02 minutes

According to Deloitte, small and medium sized businesses in Australia who are digitally engaged enjoy a 20% increase in annual revenue.

So how can you make sure you’re making the most of your online presence?

One key tactic is to make sure you’re attracting the right customers to your website. This 40 minute recorded webinar is presented by Glasshat, a digital marketing technology business. They cover why the web is important for businesses transacting online and offline and also provide 10 creative and affordable ideas your business can implement to help increase traffic to your website.

We’ll help you learn how to:

  • Understand why your online presence is so important
  • Justify why you should invest in online marketing
  • Approach increasing website traffic in a creative way that targets your audience
  • Look for tools that can help make your marketing efforts more efficient  

This webinar is ideal for:

  • Small business owners with a new website who want to establish an online presence
  • Established businesses looking for inspiration on how to boost existing website traffic figures
  • Anyone looking to grow their business online

About Glasshat:

Matt Collis, CEO of Glasshat will be joining us to present this webinar. Matt’s been working in digital for 20 years and in 2008 founded Glasshat, a digital marketing tool that helps business owners positively impact online visibility, drive more traffic and generate revenue. 

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