Planning for your financial future.

1.00pm, Thursday 23rd July

Planning for your financial future.

Speaker: Bronwyn Lawson, Presenter-Westpac's Davidson Institute

Duration: 30 minutes

Whether it is growing wealth, buying a home, or simply saving for a dream holiday, the power to achieving your financial goals lies in developing a plan and following it through. This webinar will focus on developing a plan, and good money habits to support that plan, to help you achieve your financial goals.

This webinar is ideal for anyone who:

  • is setting a financial goal.
  • wants to develop positive financial habits.
  • wants to develop a plan for a better financial future.

Following the 20-25 minute presentation, you also get the opportunity to ask your questions of our experienced Financial Educators. You will also have access to the handouts which will include a summary of the content and a transcript of the presentation.

If you are not able to attend the live webinar on this date you can view a recorded version here.

Add to Calendar 7/23/2020 1:00:00 PM 7/23/2020 1:00:00 PM Australia/Melbourne Planning for your financial future. Many people have a very clear vision of how they want their life to play out from a personal perspective and a career perspective. Typically, however, they don’t take the next step and look at the finances to support that vision. Our free ’Planning for your financial future’ webinar takes a high level, long term view of a financial plan to help you achieve your financial goals. Westpac Webinar Westpac's Davidson Institute false MM/DD/YYYY

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