A Better Footing.

A Better Footing.

Duration: Self paced

There are many things that can cause our financial plans to get off track.  Unforseen expenses, changes to our family, work, or health can all put our finances on a slippery slope.  When that happens it helps to have some guidance to help you get back on track.

The Better Footing guide is a step-by-step guide to:

  • establishing your current financial position,
  • understanding your debts,
  • developing a budget, and
  • establishing savings goals.

to help get your finances back on a better footing.

Expert’s Angle: COVID19 and the impact on Super.

Bryan Ashenden Head of Financial Literacy & Advocacy BT Financial Group

Over the past few months many people have seen their retirements savings plummet in value, and some have even had to draw on their savings to help them through the current financial situation. Many people have questions about the long-term impact this may have on their retirement plans. View our video where Bryan Ashenden from BT Financial Group shares his insights on the impact of recent events on superannuation.

Buying your next home.

Buying your first home is always a big decision but when it comes to buying your next home there is a host of other considerations to make as well. How do I access the equity I’ve built up? Should I retain my existing home as an investment? What are my options when it comes to financing a new home? Join our webinar ‘Buying your next home’ to find that answers to these and many more questions.

Expert's Angle: Separating from a partner.

Rachael Scharrer Founder and CEO Divorce Answered

Leaving a partner can be complex. Help in a separation starts with guidance on safeguarding your position, winding down joint finances, and then regaining your independence. Join our webinar with Rachael Scharrer, founder of Divorce Answered, to hear her insights.