Social enterprise collaboration during a crisis

Duration: 61 Minutes

During a crisis situation such as the COVID-19 pandemic, collaboration is more important than ever in addressing social and environmental challenges.

Collaboration can help social enterprises access funding or contracts, deliver services that they may not have the capability or capacity to deliver alone, reach wider geographical markets, and make financial savings through shared overheads and staff.

There are many untapped opportunities for social enterprises in Australia to collaborate. In this video we talk to three leaders in the field, each offering a unique perspective on collaboration:

Intro / overview by Social Traders

Social Traders’ Head of Marketing & Communications, Tara Anderson, shares insights on the collective impact approach in the UK.

Thematic collaboration

STREAT CEO Bec Scott talks about Moving Feast, a collaborative project of Victorian food social enterprises rising out of the COVID-19 pandemic. The collaboration covers all areas of the food system from growing, storage, cooking, distribution, and education. Bec shares the journey of Moving Feast and the key lessons learnt for social enterprises when collaborating at this scale.

Place-based collaboration

Matt Pfahlert, Co-Founder & CEO, Australian Centre for Rural Entrepreneurship shares an example of regional cross-sector collaboration that saw the development of an online retail platform for businesses forced to close their retail outlets during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This webinar is the sixth and final in a series run by Social Traders, Westpac Foundation and Social Impact Hub to help social enterprises through the COVID-19 crisis.

Roadmap to recovery for social enterprise

This recording focuses on practical considerations and ideas for how social enterprises may be able to position themselves to grow through the recovery phase of the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

Leveraging your social purpose to manage workplace stress

Jessica Cranswick Registered psychologist and Senior Manager EY

Many social enterprises have identified maintaining the wellbeing of their people as a significant challenge given COVID-19. Jessica Cranswick, registered psychologist and Senior Manager at EY shares tips and tricks to help you build resilience and identify ways you can strengthen your team’s wellbeing, as well as your own.

Social enterprise innovation – lessons learnt from the COVID-19 crisis.

In our third webinar we talk to Cindy Carpenter, Chair of The Bread and Butter Project, who shares the remarkable story of their business transformation in just two weeks.

Leading a social enterprise through a time of uncertainty – keeping employees engaged.

Elise Sernik PCC, CEO, Leadership Space and Sarit Vandegraaff PCC

Do you have questions about keeping employees engaged, motivated and informed, given all that is going on right now? Organisational coaches Elise Sernik and Sarit Vandegraaff from Leadership Space provide useful tips and techniques to help you manage and lead your people now and into the future.

How the JobKeeper Payment works for social enterprises

Brendan Tegg, Principal of TG Endeavour and Jacquie Seemann, Employment Partner at Thomson Geer Lawyers

The JobKeeper Payment, do you understand how this works for your social enterprise? Rob Lockhart from the Davidson Institute talks to experts Brendan Tegg, Principal of TG Endeavour and Jacquie Seemann, Employment Partner at Thomson Greer Lawyers, to discuss the new legislation, how it works, and answer any questions you may have.

Expert's Angle: 5 ways to make your not-for-profit more innovative - with impact!

Dr Jeffrey Tobias Founder and Director GiveEasy

Now, more than ever, the NFP sector is in need of innovation. While innovation may have been on the agendas of some NFP boards in the past, the imperative to innovate and change has never been greater.

Financial governance for NFP’s.

Westpac's Davidson Institute

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Business planning for NFP’s.

Westpac's Davidson Institute

Achieving your organisation's vision is greatly enhanced by having a business plan. View our free Business planning for NFPs webinar and discover the benefits of a business plan.

Breakeven analysis for NFP's.

Westpac's Davidson Institute

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7 financial tips for NFP's.

Westpac's Davidson Institute

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