Cost-cutting checklist.

Cost-cutting checklist.

Duration: Self paced.

With many people's incomes reduced due to COVID19, we've put together a handy cost-cutting checklist which may help to ease some of the strain on your finances. Of course, not all of these thought starters will be right for everyone, and some may have a bigger impact than others, but all of them are things you can consider right away to help reduce your costs. 

Once you’ve looked at all the ways you may be able to reduce your costs, it's time to put all the numbers into our Budget Planner to map out your way forward. To comprehensively review your overall financial position, use our 5-step Better Footing guide to work towards a better financial future.

Leveraging your social purpose to manage workplace stress

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Leveraging your social purpose to manage workplace stress

Jessica Cranswick Registered psychologist and Senior Manager EY

Many social enterprises have identified maintaining the wellbeing of their people as a significant challenge given COVID-19. Jessica Cranswick, registered psychologist and Senior Manager at EY will share tips and tricks to help you build resilience and identify ways you can strengthen your team’s wellbeing, as well as your own.

Social enterprise innovation – lessons learnt from the COVID-19 crisis.

In our third webinar we talk to Cindy Carpenter, Chair of The Bread and Butter Project, who shares the remarkable story of their business transformation in just two weeks.

Leading a social enterprise through a time of uncertainty – keeping employees engaged.

Elise Sernik PCC, CEO, Leadership Space and Sarit Vandegraaff PCC

Do you have questions about keeping employees engaged, motivated and informed, given all that is going on right now? Organisational coaches Elise Sernik and Sarit Vandegraaff from Leadership Space provide useful tips and techniques to help you manage and lead your people now and into the future.