Risk Management Part 1: Director's Duties.

Speaker: Teeyanna Tapim-Savage and Renee Emzin, Dispute Resolution, Sydney-Dentons

Duration: 20 Minutes

Knowing your duties as a director are essential in running any organisation. If you get it wrong, you could be liable for civil and / or criminal penalties. 

In this 20 minute podcast, Tapim-Savage and Renee Emzin from Dentons' Dispute Resolution team talk about:

  1. Corporations Act Directors’ Duties & Liabilities
  2. Corporations Act Liabilities
  3. CATSI Act Directors’ Duties
  4. CATSI Act Consequences
  5. Insolvent trading

While the podcast is targeted at indigenous businesses, it is invaluable for anyone who is involved as a director or advises directors of any organisation. it could be a company, a charity, a not for profit or social enterprise.

You can contact Dentons’ Indigenous lawyers Teeyanna Tapim-Savage on (02) 9035 7180 or Manny Bell on (02) 9035 7187.

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