Experts Angle: "Harness the Power of Purposeful Communication"

Speaker: Catherine Hollyman, Founder-Behind the Scenes Communications

Duration: 37 minutes

As the leader of a business, your role is to inform, inspire, engage, and ultimately persuade:

  • your team to follow you;
  • your customers to buy from you;
  • your investors to back you;
  • and your industry to look to you and learn from you.

In order to influence the thoughts, attitudes and behaviours of these key stakeholders, you first need to connect with them.

And to connect with them, you need to communicate effectively with them, in a way that positions you as the leader you are or the leader you want to be.

Using my proven Connection Point Framework, I’ll help you harness the power of purposeful communication, so you communicate to connect and become the ultimate asset for your business!

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • The main barriers to effective communication...and how to avoid them!
  • How to present your thoughts and ideas clearly to others
  • How to earn trust amongst your stakeholders
  • How to establish your presence as the leader you are, or want to be
  • How to build rapport with your audience so you truly connect with them...

...because only then will persuading your stakeholders to buy from you, follow you, invest in you, or work with you become a reality.

 About Catherine Hollyman 

For nearly two decades, Catherine Hollyman - founder of Behind The Scenes Communications - has provided communications coaching and consultancy services to leaders at Fortune 500 organisations; some of Australia’s leading corporates and small-to-medium businesses; as well as entrepreneurs as they launch and scale their start-ups.

As the business world leverages the power of technology, digital and social media, virtual reality, automation and AI, Catherine’s passion in the power of - and need for - effective interpersonal communication skills grow stronger. She firmly believes that every business leader has a powerful contribution to make to the world. But they can’t do it alone. They need to connect with and persuade their team, customers, suppliers, investors and networks to support them on the journey. And this requires effective, purposeful communication skills.

It’s with this in mind, that Catherine’s mission is to equip leaders and organisations with the knowledge, skills and resources to communicate in a way that connects more meaningfully with their stakeholders, setting the stage to maximise their impact and realise their full potential.

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