Innovation toolkit.

Duration: Self paced

Australian businesses operate in a world that is rapidly changing. Changes in technology, demographics and structural shifts in our economy are creating opportunities – and challenges.

It’s the businesses that capitalise on these shifts and are nimble enough to move quickly that will be best placed to succeed in this rapidly changing environment.

If you want to:

  • grow your business;
  • improve operations, products or services;
  • create new products or services; or
  • improve profitability

then the toolkit is designed to help. 

This free Innovation Toolkit will help you to better understand your operating environment, gain customer insights, generate new ideas, test those ideas, and implement solutions to help your business prosper and grow.

It’s designed to be self-service so that you and your team can work through the process in a way that suits you.  You can use all the tools or pick and choose those most relevant to your business and the problem to be solved. 

Part 1: Initiate – Recognise the opportunity/challenge and initiate the generation of solutions.

This part of the toolkit contains information and worksheets to help:

  • Get closer to your customers to uncover opportunities or risks.
  • Examine your internal and external operating environment.
  • Rapidly generate ideas to address business problems.
  • Consolidate ideas and start the process to implement solutions.

Part 2: Investigate – Rigorously investigate selected ideas – design, test, and learn. Coming late 2018!

Part 3: Activate – Activate the initiative. Coming early 2019!

Innovate for growth.
LIVE - 19 Jun

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Innovate for growth.

Bronwyn Lawson Presenter Westpac's Davidson Institute

Today’s world is one of constant change. Every day there are new problems that need new solutions; new solutions that come from innovation. Many people are asking the question “How do we become more innovative?” to stay relevant in our rapidly changing world. Join our live webinar ‘Innovate for growth’ for an overview of an innovation process designed to help small businesses embrace opportunities to grow through innovation.

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